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Equimac Colombia sas is a company legally incorporated on October 31, 2011. The purpose of the company is to manufacture equipment and machines for the food sector.
The machine allows streamlining processes efficiently, saves time up to 90% of shredding. For this purpose we have created a fully electric machine in stainless steel material. Four types of machines have been designed and manufactured, ranging from a domestic model to an industrial model, complying with quality standards for its operation.
Our segment is focused on fast food restaurants, cafeterias, canteens (schools, institutions, etc.) and food processing factories.

During these almost nine years we have been developing different types of technology-based machines in high demand in the market, developing innovative products to optimize processes.

One of our most innovative equipment is the chicken and meat shredding machine. We discovered that in the food equipment sector, there is no specialized instrument to shred meat and chicken (a process used to detach the fibers from meat in the form of strands). Currently, this process is done manually without the precautions correct for its manipulation, making in this way long working days for being a manual process.

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Telephones: 6015260985 – 3178290453 – 3177846421
Email: info@equimacolombia.com

Equimac Colombia

In the last 10 years we have been leaders in the commercialization of chicken and meat shredding machines along with our line of kettles and industrial pressure cookers.


We provide equipment to the best restaurants and food companies in Colombia and the world.

Currently there is a manual instrument for shredding meat, but the results are not the most optimal for the customer's requirement. Our patented blade system allows you to regulate the thickness of meat and chicken.

Equimac Colombia manufactures and distributes the machines nationally and internationally. Countries like: United States, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Spain. Nationally important companies such as Crepes & Waffles, Kokorico, Typical Empanadas, Pan pa ya! PPC, Subway, Hornitos, British Gymnasium College, Modern Gymnasium, Agustiniano, Los Cerros among others that certify the proper functioning and quality.


Reasons why people choose us

We are the best solution

We are leaders in the creation, production and marketing of industrial machines for the food sector.

High quality standards

More than 30 years in the development of machines, we comply with all quality standards in stainless steel with AISI 304 Certified quality

International deliveries

Shipments to any part of the world with the support of the world leader DHL in the Express service, we dispatch machines to all of Latin America and Europe.

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