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The bulk of the proteins is ideal for Pizzas, Chinese rice, etc. This result of the result is adjustable with the shredding machine, through a plate, by free choice.

We have 4 versions of shredding machines:

  • Domestic model
  • industrial mini model
  • semi-industrial model
  •  industrial model.

The model varies according to its operational capacity when shredding in quantities

Es lo que tiene programado el negocio para desmechar en un día. Desde ahí te recomendamos ver cuáles son los 4 modelos de máquinas desmechadoras:

  • If you normally lose 5 – 40 kilos per day, we recommend the domestic machine.
  • If you lose 40 – 80 kilos per day we recommend the mini machine.
  • If you lose 80 – 180 kilos per day, we recommend the semi-industrial.
  • If you lose 200 – 600 kilos per day we recommend the mini machine.

We recommend that you do not exceed the capacity of the machine, so as not to wear out the motor and shorten the useful life of the equipment.

  1. Do not exceed its operating capacity.
  2. When cleaning the machine, take into account that NO water falls on the motor or on the power button.
  3. We recommend avoiding meats with a lot of nerve such as murillo.
  4. Do not insert forks or any other element into the blades when the machine is working.

10 – 15 business days from the date the machine was ordered to be made

No, the expense is equal to or less than a common washing machine. It works in currents of 120 for the domestic and mini and 220 volts for the Industrial machine.

No, they are manufactured in Colombia from the Equimacolombia workshop. It is an innovative team with its respective patent.

Yes, it has a one-year warranty; if it fails due to a manufacturing error. Annual maintenance is required and has a cost of $250,000.

The machines are patented in Colombia and the United States.

Yes, shipments to all of Colombia and internationally.

No, it is exclusively used for cooked chicken, beef and pork (boneless).

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