Tiltable Kettle

The kettles are designed to have a higher concentration of heat thanks to their thermal insulation chamber. Heating can be by direct fire, steam, water or thermal oil.
Its features are on/off programming and internal temperature control and continuous or intermittent agitation of the agitation system.



  • The kettle with stirring system has a hot air chamber or cylinder with a layer of thermal insulation and a stainless sheet cover.
  • Gas heating system is by direct fire on a bottom or jacket (heating in thermal oil and/or water) to achieve greater heat concentration.
  • Automatic on/off system for temperature control (programmable) and on timer.
  • Overturning by a reducer and manual handwheel to facilitate cleaning and emptying of the product through an outlet valve.
  • 12 gauge (2.5 mm) 304 stainless sheet material


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